Spalding Baptist Church

Services & Special Events


Sunday Services

  There will be a Sunday morning service each week at 10.15am.
  Communion takes place on the first Sunday morning of every month, unless notified in the bulletin.

 28 April

 Revd Karen Smilley leads Morning Worship, preaching on Matt 5: 1-5 -
 "The Upside Down Kingdom - Blessings for the Unnoticed"

 5 May

 Revd Karen Smilley leads Morning Worship with Communion, with Ben Clarke
 preaching on Matt 5: 5 - 12 - "The Upside Down Kingdom - Blessings for Right Actions"

 11 May

 Spalding Flower Parade, when our church will be catering for visitors from 9.30am until
 4.00pm.  There will also be various stalls available, selling plants, crafts, etc.

 12 May

 Morning Worship led by Ben Clarke, with Ricki Kendall preaching on Matt 5:13 - 16 -
 "Being salt and light to the world"