Small Groups

Small Groups

A number of small groups meet during the week, in normal times either in homes around  the Spalding area or at the church.  These groups are gatherings of typically six to twelve people and are modelled on the early church, forming one of the basic building blocks of a distinctive Christian community. They offer a way to participate fully in the life of Spalding Baptist Church and are safe places to:

    Get together – grow in friendship, care and relationship with each other

    Study together – learn from the Bible and from each other

    Grow together – apply the Bible to our lives and learn how to follow Jesus as His disciples

    Pray together – for each other, the church, our community and the world

SMALL GROUPS during COVID times:

Several home groups are currently meeting via Zoom and you are invited to join any of them. Just contact the organiser for details on how to join a meeting: 

Monday, 7.30pm David & Judy’s  - Contact David Taylor 

Tuesday, 11.00am Hilda’s - Contact Diane Clay 

Wednesday, 7.30pm Colin B/Mark & Avril’s - Contact Andrew or Carol Grief 

Monday, 7.30pm Band of Brothers (using Google Meet) – Contact Rob Morris or Colin Horspole. 

See Notices for details and alterations

Click here to view Small Groups Flyer

If you are interested in joining a group or would like further information, you can also contact Colin Horspole by completing the following: