Spalding Baptist Church

Love one another. John 13:34

Home Groups

A variety of groups meet in homes during the week.  Home groups are gatherings of six to twelve people meeting regularly around the Spalding area.  Modelled on the early church, the groups are one of the basic building blocks of a distinctive Christian community.  It is here that the Gospel is celebrated, experienced and applied to real life issues; our groups are part of the Church's pastoral care.  One of the ways to fully participate in the life of Spalding Baptist is through involvement in a home group.

Home Groups for Bible study, prayer and fellowship meet on the following days at different times and in various locations:

Monday 2:00 pm (check Notices for location - not every week)

Monday 7:30 pm (at David & Judy's home)

Tuesday 11:00 am (at Hilda's home)

Tuesday 7:45 pm (at William & Louise's)

Wednesday 7:30 pm ( at Colin and Gwen’s, Brian & Jean’s or Mark and Avril's)

Thursday 7:00 pm (at Bernard and Monica's home in Holbeach)

See Notices for details and alterations

If you are interested in joining a home group, please contact us by completing the following: