for SBC Kids and Young People

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For 3-8 years

watch 'Jesus the healer'

Peter’s mother-in-law

Why was Peter so unhappy?

What did Jesus do?

What was his mother-in-law like afterwards?

Man with leprosy:

How did the man with leprosy feel when Jesus healed him?

Lady who touched Jesus:

What did Jesus say had healed the woman? (Her faith) What does that mean?

Jesus the miracle worker

Print colouring page of Jairus’ daughter

Print wordsearch  

For 8-12 years

Watch God’s story – whole bible

Q What are your favourite bible stories – why?

Q How many people can you name from bible stories in the old and new testaments?

Q Have you ever realised that the Bible is made up of lots of little stories but it is all part of One big story?

Talk about ways we can look after our great world - save the earth art

How can we look after our world? Make recycled paper